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Student Scholarship Awards

To foster career paths for young professionals, the USSD Scholarship Award program looks to award undergraduate and graduate students in the field of dams, levees, and water resources; and provide opportunities in professional organizations. The scholarship award is given annually to students whose academic program and plans have the potential to develop practical solutions to design and construction challenges related to dams, levees and other water resources.
Kim de Rubertis

Kim de Rubertis

In April 2022 the USSD Board approved renaming the Student Scholarship Award Program after Kim de Rubertis. An exemplary and exceptional man, Kim Palmer de Rubertis left a lasting impact on the dam and levee industry. Read more about .. See More

More About The Competition

More About The Competition

Once submissions have been reviewed, the selection committee will identify the finalists. Scholarship finalists will be invited to present their proposal at the annual USSD Conference in April 2024 in Seattle, WA with award announcements made at the conference. Award winners will be invited to present their results at the following year’s conference (2025).


Applicant Submission Window

Submission Reviews

Applicant Notifications

Deliver presentations at 2024 Annual Conference

Select & Announce winners at 2024 Annual Conference

Basic Criterion

Junior or Senior undergraduate OR Graduate Student

Be a US citizen or permanent resident

Currently enrolled in a US college or university program related to dams and water resources

Evaluation Criteria

The USSD Awards Committee has objective and non-discriminatory criteria by which each application is judged to determine finalists who are then evaluated by the USSD Board of Directors. Overall scoring will be based upon the following criteria.

Research Proposal - 75%

Future Career Plans - 20%

Recommendation Letter - 5%


Award amounts may be up to $10,000 depending upon rank and quality of submission. Awards committee will recommend individual award amounts which are subject to approval by the USSD Board.

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